Organically Beautiful

canstockphoto1007021How many of you are thinking about using beauty products that are organically produced? Does it make a difference? How can you know if a beauty product is truly organic?  Below are a few things Julyne Derrick, Beauty Expert had to say:

  •  A bottle marked “organic” must contain 95 percent organic ingredients, but those marked “natural” or “made with organic ingredients” may still contain the bad stuff. 
  •  Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep database is all you need to find out what beauty products are safe, and which ones get a poor rating.
  • Extra virgin coconut oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, olive oil and really, any sort of oil, work great to hydrate skin both on your face and body.

The great news is there are bundles of fabulous organic products on the market today… Read more at Organic Beauty: 20 Things You Need to Know.


Now that you are more informed about organic beauty products check out the Gift Guide to NATURAL & ORGANIC BEAUTY. If you’re shopping for a Natural Woman who’s strictly vegan or an Urban Sophisticate who wouldn’t dream of letting anything less than natural touch her skin, you can’t wrap up just any old beauty product. Here’s how to find shadows, glosses, fragrances and more that are good enough for the most discerning eco-friendly eye. via Sephora’s Organic Beauty Gift Guide –

 I hope this is helpful!

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