Brush Your Tresses Less!

brush wi hairI have heard from more than one person that while brushing their hair many of their locks remained in the brush!  You can imagine their alarm about hair loss.  This is something we see happening with women often these days.  Not only with older women, but also with younger women.  So, I checked what some of the hair specialists had to say about brushing  hair 100 strokes a day.

It turns out that much of the information I found about hair brushing indicated that some of the newer guidelines for this technique are to BrushLess! That’s right. It appears that brushing your hair for long periods to get more shine, and length, could be bad for your hair, and here are some of the reasons:

brushing ladies Excessive stimulation such as brushing, straightening or using curling irons erodes the hair’s cuticle. The cuticle is the hairs protective covering and when it becomes “roughed up” it catches on other hairs. This causes mats or tangles. With continued over stimulation, the cuticle will erode. This weakens the hair and causes it to split or break.via The Myth Squad – 100 brush strokes a night | we heart this | we heart this.

 Brushing your hair a hundred strokes a day won’t give you healthier hair. In fact, over-brushing encourages hair damage and hair loss, says the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD). Your hair brush is a simple, necessary tool to tame tresses into the right style as you blow-dry. However, the type of brush you use and how you use it can influence the overall health of your hair.via Hair Brushing Technique to Prevent Hair Loss |.

Key points:

  • Expensive natural boar bristle brushes are often promoted as the “best” type of brush to use for your hair. In fact, these can be extremely damaging to your hair.
  • Only brush straight hair when it’s dry. However, if you have curly or “kinky” hair, you should only comb or brush it when it’s wet to avoid breakage.
  • The AAD points out that, contrary to what you may believe, brushing your hair with vigorous, powerful strokes damages it.

Make sure to click the links for more details.  Then click this link to find the best brush for your needs. Hair Brushes |

I hope this is helpful!



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