What’s Your Fall Beauty Regimen?


canstockphoto10814817 As the Seasons change, so does our skin. How we treat these changes can determine how our skin will look.  In this Post I want to share with you some suggestions for taking care of your skin in this Fall season.  See what some of the experts say about what we should do, and what products can help us.  After you read the summary, click on the link to read the full details. 

  • With the fall season just around the corner, now is the perfect time to prepare your skin for the cool months ahead. The fall months bring decreased humidity in the air, which in effect affects the skin’s natural PH level. This imbalance on the skin’s PH causes the skin to get drier and more susceptible to premature skin aging and wrinkles. This is why it is very important to fall into a good anti aging skin care regimen this fall to correct any damage caused by summer and also to prepare for the cold winter months. With this, check out these tips to help keep your skin healthy and beautiful throughout the fall season. Here are some of them. via Anti Aging 101 – Fall Skin Care Tips.
  •  As the days grow shorter, the temperatures drop, and the air becomes drier, your skin may lose precious moisture. Autumn is a time of transition, and the best autumn skin care routines will correct any summer damage that has occurred and prepare your skin for winter. via Fall Skin Care Tips | A Woman’s Health – Women Magazine.


  • Step 1: CLEANSE morning & night Nourishes skin, removes surface dirt & debris from the skin
  • Step 2: EXFOLIATE 2-3 times per week Deep clean pores & remove dead skin cells
  • Step 3: TONE morning & night Removes hard water residue, boosts skin with nutrients & adjusts PH balance
  • Step 4: CORRECT 1-2 times a day Repair, replenish and rejuvenate
  • Step 5: MOISTURIZE morning & night Minimize fine lines, rejuvenate, hydrate, restore lost elasticity, nourish skin, protect
  • Step 6: MASK Once per Week Improve skin texture & elasticity, deep clean poresvia Anti-Aging SKIN CARE – Natural & Organic.

 I hope this is helpful !          canstockphoto17232386


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