Beauty Without Makeup?

Makeup Is A Personal Beauty Choice

A recent comment submitted to this Hairblues blog suggested that a person wearing no Makeup can be beautiful as well as a person who does. Of course, I agree. The always lovely Alicia Keys openly rejects makeup. Of course, all you have to do is look at her in the prime of her loveliness and youth, I can’t imagine this winning duo requires too much of a decision. Can you?

I thought that it might be useful to research whether Makeup has other purposes, and can be used for example, to enhance the longevity of how our skin ages and, additionally, help to protect it. Here are just two examples (maybe suggestions). Enjoy!

A tinted moisturizer can actually be good for mature skin.

As I searched the www for opinions and ‘expert ‘ advice about the “no Makeup” choice , it became evident that the Makeup choice is – as you may have suspected – ultimately a personal decision, because ‘one size does not fit everybody’. What also became evident is that, as we age, our skin does change. It may become more dry, less smooth and thinner. There is also loss of skin elasticity.
Our first example, therefore, is it may be important to use moisturizers daily for protection from the environment because they help to act against the dryness and add some elasticity.

Advice to use a good tinted moisturizer with SPF is to help hydrate the skin during cold, and dry winter months. If your skin is very dry apply a small amount of regular moisturizer underneath first.

Our second example is for those of you who like Eyeshadow, take note that Eyeshadow has its “makeup free” uses. There are Eyeshadows, which protect eyelids from getting burned and protect against UVA rays. One cruelty-free brand Supergoop, which makes Shimmershades, works to these purposes.

The sources below have detailed information:

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Take a look at this video of valuable information for skincare.

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