Skin Serums: Do they work?

What do you know about skin serums? Do they work? Are they worth the cost? Are they good/bad for your skin?

  • According to some of the research I did, serums can help with various kinds of skin problems like, wrinkles, acne, redness, or dryness. They can  produce powerful results, compared to other skin care products.  Since they are water-based, your skin absorbs them quickly. Also, they don’t have petrolatum, or other kinds of oil. Serums have nutrients, (like retinol and vitamin C), which are good for your skin.

  • Serums don’t replace moisturizers – but they may boost the hydrating effects of your moisturizer.
  • Using serums is a personal choice, and they are not just for aging skin. For help in deciding what type of serum could enhance your skin, ask your dermatologist.
  • Click this link to learn more about face serums. There are tutorials which provide information on the different types of face serums, and how to use them.

Note:  Serums will not protect your skin from the sun!

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