Fountain of Youth Exercises

Alright,  alright, alright…. What if told you the Fountain of Youth is attainable with just a few dedicated exercises done by you?  Yes!
Are you excited?  I bet you are.  There are no big costs involved, and I am eager to share with you what I read recently in an article, which appeared in the New York Times. Below is a summary of the highlights I think you will want to try.

  • Facial Exercises are key.  And, expressive movements.  With these exercises some women who were middle-aged reduced their facial aging by about 3 years!
  • After doing the exercises for an estimate of 8 weeks, results significantly reduced aging by week 20.
  • These exercises targeted the face and neck.

  • The exercising works with the facial muscles and works like a type of strength training, which reduces wrinkles.
  • Initially, each exercise session takes about 30 minutes, every day.
  • Women recruited for a facial exercise program were 40-65 years of age. Those who stayed with the program for 20 weeks were very satisfied with the results.  Dermatologists saw improvement, and ranked the women who had completed the program younger by an estimated of 3 years. If you cannot commit to 30 minutes  daily the author of Happy Face Yoga, Gary Sikorski, suggests to consider contorting and pinching your face :)! Source: New York Times

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Stay beautiful !

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