Mindfulness Satisfaction

HairBlues talks about all sorts of issues dealing with health and well-being.  Lately, it seems thatMindfulness’  is all the rage. That’s fine, but, what is it?

One source for the answer to my question stated:

 Mindfulness cannot be cultivated by struggle. It grows by realizing, by letting go, by just settling down in the moment and letting yourself get comfortable with whatever you are experiencing. Source: Mindfulness Versus Concentration

No matter what the task at hand is, I am one of those people who interrupts herself several times along the way.  Often I have more than one project going on at the same time, laundry, cooking, cleaning, working on my senior look.  In addition,  I’m  checking my iPhone, for recent text messages, email etc.  Yes, I am guilty and admit to being a multi-tasker!  I actually learned that during my working career.  Now that I am retired, I figure I might be able to be a student of mindfulness.

But, why should we pay attention to this practice?
According to Jon Kabat-Zinn, Founding Executive Director of the Center of Mindfulness:

♥ ‘Mindfulness can be a momentous shift in your life‘; ‘you may discover that mindfulness has a way of giving your life back to yourself’.

This sounds impressive.  One idea of a mindfulness exercise is:

Pay attention. The next time you meet someone, listen closely to his or her words. Think about their meaning and uniqueness. Aim to develop a habit of understanding others and delaying your own judgments and criticisms.  You can find more exercises at the websites listed below.

  1. MayoClinic.org
  2. Mindfulnessexercises.com
  3. Verywell.com

In the next post we will explore if there is a difference between mindfulness and meditation.

Peace 🙂


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