Summer Hair Tips!

sun damage pic for post I love the summer, beautiful beach water, fire flies, surfing!
However, what summer can do to your hair is cause for concern.  I searched around for some tips on what you can do to prevent damage.

Just as the sun damages your skin, it can damage your hair, too. Saltwater and chlorine also take a toll on our tresses. The not-so-pretty outcome: A few weeks into summer, hair that was shiny and easily managed looks and feels fried.

Fried hair isn’t just a figure of speech. Jessica J. Krant, MD, MPH, a New York dermatologist, says the ultraviolet rays of the sun actually “cook the hair shaft.” The damage is most obvious when we see color-treated hair becoming faded, bleached, and brassy. Even hair that isn’t colored will suffer from sun-induced stress. Those UV rays dry out hair and rough up the normally smooth cuticle, or outer layer, of the hair shaft. via Summer Hair Care – Keep Your Locks Looking Great.summer hair

  • Once you’ve found the right cut for your texture,  a few of the right products—applied at the right time—is all it takes to create a terrific style. via The Best Summer Hair Products.

I hope this is helpful!