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Summer’s Skincare Tips

I am not sure that I’ve ever thought about changing my skincare routine during summer months.  Have you?

Try considering the steps/techniques below during this transitional period.

I searched the www for answers. One dermatologist,  Dr. Cynthia Bailey, based in California suggested, that we may need to stop using  exfoliating skin care products such as scrubs and rough cloths, retinoid products and even glycolic acid products so that your skin can thicken up to better deflect UV rays.

Wikihow had a formula on how to choose a sunscreen: Use the SPF that’s right for you. Think about how quickly you burn on a sunny day. Multiply that number in minutes by the sun protection factor (SPF) of the sunscreen you’re considering. The result will tell you the maximum amount of time the sunscreen will keep you protected.

WebMD advises: Sunburns –They’re uncomfortable, to be sure. But they can also cause premature aging and lead to skin cancer. Your best bet is to limit how much sun you get — especially between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., when those rays are at their strongest.

There’s so much to know about how to care for your skin during this transitional period and during the summer months. For product suggestions, click the link below.

Stay Beautiful!

DIY: The Perfect Summer Pedi | LaMuse Beauty

flower feetWe can’t have too much information to help us put our summer look together.  Once again I’ve found some good suggestions for you. Check out what LaMuse Beauty has to say about pedicures and save some money at the same time.

The awesome thing about pedicures is you don’t have to pay a professional, you can totally do it yourself. You have both hands at your disposal, so you don’t have to deal with the manicure struggle of painting your non-dominate hand. There are so many gorgeous pastels and bright new polishes this season to play with. Whether DIY pedicures are weekly events or something  you do when you’re feeling particularly girly, you can get a salon quality look from your own bathroom.  Click the link for more tips -via DIY: The Perfect Summer Pedi | LaMuse Beauty.


I hope this is helpful 🙂

Summer Hair Tips!

sun damage pic for post I love the summer, beautiful beach water, fire flies, surfing!
However, what summer can do to your hair is cause for concern.  I searched around for some tips on what you can do to prevent damage.

Just as the sun damages your skin, it can damage your hair, too. Saltwater and chlorine also take a toll on our tresses. The not-so-pretty outcome: A few weeks into summer, hair that was shiny and easily managed looks and feels fried.

Fried hair isn’t just a figure of speech. Jessica J. Krant, MD, MPH, a New York dermatologist, says the ultraviolet rays of the sun actually “cook the hair shaft.” The damage is most obvious when we see color-treated hair becoming faded, bleached, and brassy. Even hair that isn’t colored will suffer from sun-induced stress. Those UV rays dry out hair and rough up the normally smooth cuticle, or outer layer, of the hair shaft. via Summer Hair Care – Keep Your Locks Looking Great.summer hair

  • Once you’ve found the right cut for your texture,  a few of the right products—applied at the right time—is all it takes to create a terrific style. via The Best Summer Hair Products.

I hope this is helpful!