How’s your total well-being?

canstockphoto12752829 You understand that total well-being includes more than makeup and a beautiful hairstyle.  HairBlues wants you to know about all the big and little things that help make you a healthy person.   Periodically we bring you news about more ways to stay healthy.  We hope these tips help you and keep you thinking about more approaches to Beauty.

Do you know the correct way to use your sunscreen?  How long does your sunscreen’s effectiveness last?  How much should you use?  The answers to these questions and others about sunscreen can be found by clicking the link .

via Sunscreen Quiz: Confused About Sunscreen? Get the Burning Facts.


helpful sun

How good are your visual skills? Do you know your eyes can learn? Here are eye exercises for better visual health. With the correct eye care program that includes eye exercises, proper diet and supplementation, you can significantly affect and even improve your vision. via Eye Exercises on the App Store on iTunes.

With this application you can discover how fast and easy it is to improve your vision and preserve your eye health by doing this 6-7 minutes eye training every day. You will also instantly feel your eyes refreshed after every training and it can also be effective before an eye test. Eye Doctor/Eye Trainer is a very user-friendly application. You only have to start the training by one click and the built-in voices will manage you through the 12 steps so you can easily complete the eye training. Moreover, there are figures indicating the correct method of doing every step! via Eye Trainer – 12 Eye Exercises – Android Apps on Google Play.

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I hope this is helpful 🙂




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