Crowdsource Your Medical Care

HairBlues is always looking for newer and more innovative ways to aid you with finding methods to support your well-being.   We want you  beautiful on the inside, as well as on the outside.  That’s why when it came to our attention that there is medical care, which you can tap into as a way to get answers to your questions about health issues online, we wanted to tell you about it right away.  What a wonderful thing!  You can  hmedical2 logoave a support group, which knows what you are experiencing because they are trying to manage the same types of  issues.  And guess what?  Just by logging online with your computer, or mobile device,  you can become medical care savvy.

Crowdsourcing is a new way of getting medical help. One site we read about connects with over 250,000 people suffering from 2,000 conditions.  Here are a few benefits to utilizing these sites:

Learn about new FDA approved drugs  Cost savings opportunities  Get information about drug side effects  Learn about undiagnosed illnesses.  Read the stories at the websites below by clicking the link.  Help yourself to a new way of keeping healthy!

medical logo

Crowdsourcing means outsourcing an inquiry to an online community — in the case of health care, an inquiry would go to medical professionals.via Crowdsourcing as the next health care solution.

I hope this is helpful 🙂


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