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Ethical Beauty . . .


Ethical Beauty – what does that mean to you? For some people it means using beauty products that are not tested on animals. That certainly is a consideration. However, what do you know about Ethical Hair? As I purchased groceries in the supermarket today, I observed 3 youngish women who had weaves.  I wondered if they knew whether the hair they donned so beautifully had come from a source, which was using an ethical business model.

beauty_got ethicsWhose hair is it anyway that we are buying, and who is getting the business?  Chris Rock discovered a $9 billion industry, and that was in the year 2009!   Yes, “the real hair for sale industry” is presently one of the largest businesses in the United States.

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For those of you who care about the source of  human hair you buy, below are some of the things I discovered as I searched for information about “ethical hair”.  As always, at the end of the paragraph, click the link for more detailed information.

Great Lengths sources their hair from the Hindu Temple, Tirumala, where the traditional religious ceremony “tonsuring” is practiced. Entire families (men, women, children, grandparents) make the pilgrimage to the temple to voluntarily have their heads shaved. This act of thanksgiving typically takes place before or after a momentous, joyful event. via Our Hair Source | Great Lengths.

Great Lengths Introduced their Setting Fair Standards Stamp. Setting Fair Standards Criteria:

  • Every strand has been donated willingly and with the full consent of the donor
  • The donor has been treated with respect and care
  • A fair and reasonable price is agreed for the hair and the money used to procure the hair is used solely for charitable endeavours, not for personal or individual profit
  • A company representative procures the hair to cut out unreliable middlemen and ensure full and direct knowledge of the hair’s origin
  • Exclusive in-house production process is used from      procurement of the hair to wholesale selling the extensions to ensure full traceability via Hair extensions | Setting Fair Standards.

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I realize that many of my readers may not live in the UK, so I checked a little further for a salon in the US that might be able to give you more information. One of only five certified in all 3 Great Lengths Hair Extensions in the US, and the only one in the NYC, New York Area. via Great Lengths | NYC Hair Salon Blog.

I hope this is helpful.  Stay beautiful!


A Beauty Discussion

Helpful Beauty Ideas & More…

In the past HairBlues has focused mainly on hair loss and hair care suggestions. However, in the future this blog will focus on various types of beauty issues; nails, hair color processes that promote articles about beauty, and what others define as beauty.

 Are tattoos taboo, or beautiful? To whom? What is “body art”?

What is the false hair and human hair industry doing for and to women? Which women primarily? What is ethical human hair?

Is it important that you have a particular hair salon and hair beauty specialist attend to your hair?

 Does it make a difference if you pay $100 or $50 to have your hair done? What do hair specialist do, that you can not get done by doing it yourself?

Can women get a good haircut at a barbershop?

Are some beauty salons community hotspots where discussions of various topics, and seeing friends take place?

Do nail gels ruin your nails? What do some people say about ultra violet nail drying machines?

HairBlues looks forward to the coming conversations, and exchanges. We hope that you will join in. The calendar format will change to a monthly update rather, than a post every other week. We welcome your continued interest and ask that you make sure to continue to follow us, as well as hearing your ideas of topics you would like to view and learn about.

Stay beautiful !