Missing Your Lip Balm & Lipstick?

During the age of the CoronaVirus19 those of us who like lip balm and lipstick have found it rather annoying to leave it on our masks.

It may seem that this issue is really connected to our ‘vanity’, so I thought I would check why we like lip balm, and whether there is a reason to wear it more than to support our vanity.  It turns out that I was in for a surprise. One reason to wear lip balm is to protect your lips from the sun (it is important to wear one that has SPF protection of 15 or better).  Keep in mind that in addition, lipstick  is not equal to lip balm.  In fact, you should put lip balm underneath your lipstick as a protective base.

♦ You can read more about why lip balm is good for your lips here:

♦ Use these links to learn more about the best SPF lip balms:


I also found lip balms, tints, and lipsticks that are ‘covid19 mask friendly’.  You can explore some of the suggestions at this link:


The research shows various opportunities to use lip balm. For example, you can use it as a cuticle cream,  fix shaving nicks,  apply as an eye cream. See more ideas here: https://www.dumblittleman.com/uses-for-lip-balm/

Here are some beauty tips you can consider when wearing a covid19 face mask:




All the best for your well-being.



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