Time Out for May Chang

Hello, aerial-view-of-green-and-flower-field-3908916

The news lately about COVID-19 has been disturbing. However, I want to take a “mindful time-out  to put  visual concepts of beauty in this post to remind us that our planet is still filled with beauty. And, once again to remind us that we must try to see more than our current troubles.heart oceans

As some of you know from following HairBlues, I am a certified aromatherapist, grounded in the wellness remedies of plant therapy and essential oils.   So, in this post I want to introduce you to the essential oil, ‘May Chang‘.   In my own experience, one whiff of ‘May Chang‘ essential oil quickly reminds me of peace and calmness. I am aware that because I live on this planet, there are those who distill the plants and flowers. Their work and process bring this fine oil to me. I am further comforted by the accumulated  knowledge of those who work with essential oils at a level that I have a newfound respect for.  In the meantime I benefit from that knowledge source: one can find solace even when there is much at stake by taking a “mindful time-out to breathe.      Essential Oils can’t cure COVID-19. essential-oil-rollon-roll-on-4052961_1920 (1)
However they have been known to provide relief from anxiety, and stress. 

Below are some links to learn more about “May Chang“, and other essential oils.

Always check with your physician before using essential oils if you are on medication. And, always dilute when applying them to your skin.  It is not recommended to use essential oils topically on infants and young children.



Mayo Clinic

One of my teachers at Aromatic Studies wrote a post about Medicinal Tea, which uses herbs to enhance your wellness. Click the link below.

tea for bloghttps://aromaticstudies.com/beyond-tea-aromatic-herbal-infusions-for-health-and-immunity/

Click the NAHA link below to learn more about the safe use of essential oils.
lavender-3898655_1280 (1)https://naha.org/explore-aromatherapy/safety/

Wishing you Wellness & Peace,


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