Eyelash, Eyebrow Beauty & Safety

Happy New Year!

I am remembering  the  holidays: all of my friends, family members who were looking their very beautiful best for the parties, and the holiday festivities.  Some of the women had VERY LONG EYELASHES, which they had put on cosmetically with a technician’s help, who had glued  them  on individually.

I decided to research what safeguards we should take when enhancing our eye beauty.    After all, our ability to grow eyelashes has to last us the rest of our lives.  Eyelashes actually perform various functions: for example, protecting us from foreign particles, and infections.  And, do you know that  our eyebrows protect our vision  from sweat and moisture?
Latisse, a prescription drug, has been proven to be effective in growing eyelashes, although with some risks:  Dry and itchy eyes for example, and darkening skin around the eye.  Lash serums are also being used on eyebrows;  however, they don’t grow very much hair. Dermatologists warn that once you use some of these products, you must continue to use them, or your eyelashes or brows go back to what they were originally.

There is much to consider when enhancing your eyes in these ways.  For those of you who may want to use other, perhaps, safer methods, look at what Cover Girl has to offer.   Cover Girl has  become a “cruelty-free” company.  I think you may find something that is worth exploring : https://www.covergirl.com/en_us/eye-makeup/mascara/

You may also want to try MoxieLash, which uses  a magnetic eyeliner that the eyelash natural line adheres to. Learn more about them at this link-  https://www.moxielash.com/

For more remedies try the links below:


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