Is Sunscreen for Darker Skin People Necessary?

It was a very hot and sunny day when I went for a walking exercise and mindfulness escape. I was about to cross a street when two women who were driving a convertible car stopped to let me cross. They were brown-skin , and neither person had on a hat. I suspect they probably did not have on sunscreen because they were dressed very nicely.  As beautiful as they looked, I  was concerned to think that  they had not  ‘protected’ themselves from the sun while in the car.  Consequently, I  walked back to tell one of the women that she should protect her head and put on a hat.  Although she thanked me, she probably thought that I was a little meddlesome  (which was due to my concern).

♥ There is a misunderstanding about African-Americans and some Hispanics not needing sunscreen. Although  darker-skin people  have more melanin, they can get sun-burned and get skin cancer.  The great Jamaican Reggae artist Bob Marley was diagnosed with Melanoma, which was located under a toenail.  Yes!  Melanoma shows up differently for dark skin persons. That means regardless of your color you should be wearing sunscreen to protect you from the sun.

For those of you who get annoyed with sunscreens (which can leave a white film on darker skin) there’s sunscreen for you as well.

Glossier has a product which is cruelty-free and does not leave a film on dark skin.  Take a look at the YouTube video below for details and a high recommendation.


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