Transitioning to Cruelty Free Cosmetics

I have Good News, which I am absolutely delighted to share with you.  Some of you may remember my last post about transitioning to using cruelty free cosmetics, and that California’s Governor, Jerry Brown, has put that goal on the agenda of California to be the first US State to make it a law, by penalizing corporations that sell products, which test on animals effective January 2020.Since the last post, I have worked toward doing my research to aid me in transitioning and to reach a goal of using cruelty free cosmetics.

I must say the search has turned out to be delightfully enlightening.  That’s right!  For starters, I suggest that you pickup a copy of Plant-Powered Beauty, by authors Amy Galper and Christina Daigneault.  It is a thorough skincare guide and in a beautifully presented format you will enjoy. It has recipes you can use for your personal skincare routine.  Amy and Christina remind us that the skin is our largest body organ.  Therefore, what we put on it affects our entire ecosystem.  Pick up a copy.  I found mine on

 I was almost out of face serum, which gave me my first ‘transition challenge’.  After cleansing, I rely on starting my face care routine by putting on serum before I put on my moisturizer.  I find it helps my mature skin to appear clear and moist.  As a certified aromatherapist, I am happy to report that I found a serum I am growing to like.  It’s called BOOM NECTAR.  And, the following ingredients are in the serum:  essential oils – orange, lemon, and ylang ylang; hydrosols; virgin olive and much more.  The product is made by a cruelty free company:  The products are for mature and young women.  We all know that the sooner you start taking care of your skin, the better it will continue to look.
Other items I purchased are:  BOOM Clean; BOOM Scrub; BOOM Silk and BOOM Cotton moisturizers.   I found the price to be reasonable. For some of you the nectar and moisturizers may be too oily for your skin.  However, BOOM Silk can be used over your entire body.

p.s.  I found another app to check cosmetics, which are free from testing on animals.

That’s all for this post.  You can look forward in future posts for more information about cruelty free products because I have a lot more to share.

Stay Beautiful!


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