Drinking Water for Your Health & Well-being

How many glasses of water have you drunk today?

Did you know that drinking water to hydrate your body is not the only beverage that will satisfy the daily requirement? That’s right, coffee, beer and other soft drinks also qualify for getting liquids into your body.  However, what I learned by reading about various ways to get that ‘boring glass of water’ into this body is that you can get your water by eating other food items as well!  Yaaay! Yes!  How about eating some yogurt, which is 95% water? Don’t like yogurt?  There’s more you can eat to satisfy the water requirement.   For example, watermelon (92% water), lettuce (95% water), one medium apple (84% water).

  • Some other findings are that there is something called ‘Overhydration’, which is an imbalance of fluids, and when your kidneys cannot get rid of the excess fluid. Athletes need to take this into consideration.  Too much water in the blood can dilute important substances in the blood, which carries the red blood cells, white blood cells, and plasma.  Also, you don’t want to incur low sodium levels.   As we all know, “blood is thicker than water”.  We don’t want to dilute it!
  • There are ways to check if your blood is too diluted, and I will leave it to you to look at the infographic  chart at the link below, which will tell you how to do that.
  • Just remember, coffee and tea also count towards your daily water intake.

What counts as water intake?
Source: https://www.webmd.com/parenting/features/healthy-beverages

Here’s a tip:  if you feel like you are thirsty – well, that’s an indication that you need to drink some water!

Read more for healthy water drinking at the sources below, which I used to give you this summary.

Jane Brody, New York Times, Opinion/Water-intake



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