Black Makeup Trends, African Beauty History

canstockphoto4506025[1] To celebrate Black History Month I thought you would enjoy some of the various hairstyles and looks African American women have worn to showcase their beauty.  I think you will find it quite interesting. Click the source link.

How has Black beauty changed since 1910? Billie Holiday-esque bold lips and an updo decorated with flowers was the go-to look of the ’40s, while the ’70s called for big ‘fros and natural makeup. The ’90s gave us the realness of Janet Jackson’s Poetic Justice braids, but our favorite look may just be today’s, in which women embrace their textured tresses in all their glory.

♥ Source: Black Makeup Trends, African Beauty History

In addition, Illamasqua Blog (London, UK) reports the importance of the black beauty industry and provides us with a historical account of African American women who were pioneers in the industry. Click the Illamasqua blog link to learn more.

To celebrate Black History Month, we’re focusing on the colossal growth and social importance of the black beauty industry. Globally, black women invest over £4.8 billion on beauty products and services every year. According to the IPA, black British Women spend a massive six times more on hair products than their white counterparts.

♥ Source: BLACK HISTORY MONTH: THE BEAUTY PIONEERSIllamasqua Blog – Illamasqua Blog


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