Face Rules & Beauty Secrets FYI

hairblues_secrets2  As a BabyBoomer,  (BB) I am often in conversation with other BB’s who are looking for ‘aging remedies’ LOL. But seriously, what are we to do?  Just give in?  Buy the latest and greatest product and expect a miracle to happen?  Well, it turns out that there are some suggestions, which do not cost a great deal of money, and are definitely worth trying.  Following are some ideas that I learned from a book a BB friend sent to me, which relate to face care.

Habits that will save your skin, which are fairly simple:

  • Making sure your hands are clean before you wash your face so you don’t transfer bacteria.
  • When you put cleanser on, massage it into your face and let it dissolve the impurities.
  • Use cotton to wipe away your cleanser  (instead of a cloth).  Someone once told me that it’s best to do this because face cloths and tissues are more rough to the skin.  Especially the eye area.
  • Mineral water will plump up your skin if you spritz your face after cleansing it,  and before you moisturize it. For up to 12 hours!
  • Toner does refresh your skin.  However, you should avoid alcohol-based toners. Choose witch hazel for oily and problem-prone skin, rose-water for dry skin, and chamomile water for normal and sensitive skin.
  • Facial scrubs do help to remove dead skin cells, they also leave skin firm and smooth.
    • Instead of using pads, create your own scrub:  Add sugar to your cleanser and massage it on your damp skin !  Try it once a week.

3 women with faces

In future posts, I will be covering some of the wonderful suggestions I found in this book, but if you’re eager to learn earlier, check out the book:  Face 100 makeup moves, by Carol Morley and Liz Wilde.

I hope this is helpful! 🙂

One thought on “Face Rules & Beauty Secrets FYI”

  1. Appreciate this information. BB’s never grow old, we get better. Wonder if there is anythng for the neck area. Will wait for the next set of tips. thanks again.

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