Black Beauties Celebrate Black History Month

canstockphoto4506025[1]For too many generations, beautiful black women worried whether their beauty was something to celebrate.  As a matter of fact, for too long their hair was thought by some to be  a source of embarrassment! canstockphoto15964695[1] Oh my goodness, get caught in the rain and get it wet!  What a disaster!  Flash forward . And how wonderful it is to see today’s young, old, beautiful black women of  many hues celebrate their hair, as well as their beautiful diversity. With that said, as we celebrate African-American beauty, we will bring you tips for taking ‘beautiful’ care of yourself, including your hair.

Click the picture below to see 12 Beauty Blogs for Natural Hair


4 thoughts on “Black Beauties Celebrate Black History Month”

    1. Thanks for the feedback. I think the new HairBlues format provides an opportunity to see more topics with Please take a look at when you find an opportunity. It also has a new format.

  1. Celebrating Black History and focusing on Black Beauty and looking at our evolving hair roots is of particular interest. For me, I embraced my kinky hair when Andre Walker categorize our hair into types, this information liberated my mind I realize that all hair can grow if we knew what our hair type was and how to maintain. Thank you for your post! Celebrate.

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