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Essential Oils (1)

essential oil 1

It’s pretty extraordinary actually that I could have lived this long – a senior citizen – and that I am just learning about Essential Oils all the benefits and many uses that are available to help with cultivating a natural approach to health and well-being.  This page is added to my HairBlues blog to make sure that I continue to bring information to my readers, and to learn more about how we can weave Essential Oils into our day-to-day lives.

As I mentioned in a earlier post, Essential Oils have not been approved by the FDA (Food & Drug Administration); however, as with all things, it is up to us to explore what works best for us, our families, and turns out our pets.  In today’s world even our animals are afflicted with serious illnesses.

This page will bring you articles I find through research and sheer encounter. Definitions of what oils are used for a holistic approach to addressing health issues.  It does not purport to be the remedy in place of your current medicines. It’s just information from various sources to give you ‘food for thought’ .  Thinking ‘outside the box’.  I hope you will enjoy and learn another way of viewing what’s available right from the earth!

Think about stepping inside of your imagination for well-being!

essential oil-drop

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