Sleepless in Covid19 Times

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How are you sleeping these days? Recently I have had some issues with getting a ‘good nights sleep’, and I am not the only one I know who is having this problem in Covid19 times.

Lack of ‘Beauty Sleep’, seems to be the least of our concerns these days  as we attempt to figure out how to live and prepare our lives, and family members safely for this challenging Covid19 period.

Photo by Taryn Elliott from Pexels

Sleep has been determined as therapeutic to our wellbeing. It supports a healthy immune system; physical health; emotional wellness, and more.

I did some research on the www to find out what are some of the things we can do to help ourselves if we are suffering from  a lack of ‘restorative’ sleep, leaving us feeling more exhausted.

Ideas to explore:
We can decide to give ourselves a break from constantly listening to Pandemic news. Turn the TV Off!

Take breaks from being on the computer.  The Sleep Foundation advises ‘Excess Screen Time’, for example – Zoom, Phone, Netflix, and of course the additional screen time working from home entails can disrupt our sleep.

Try setting up  sleep rituals.

Learn more at this link:

Photo by from Pexels

Since lack of sleep may be affecting everyone in the household, take a look at the various suggestions at  based on your age, and other things.

Take a Quiz to find out what Aromatherapy Products would work best for you.  My suggestion is that you use a company which is  organic and compliant with sustainability norms. Click the link below.

Wishing you sleep wellness!

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3 thoughts on “Sleepless in Covid19 Times”

  1. I have certainly found my sleep to be up and down throughout these times, but disciplining myself to lower my caffiene levels and resisting any from of napping throughout the day usually allows me to drift off much quicker!

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